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Security locks fitted in Camberley

  • If your front and back doors are not secure, your house is not secure.  The doors themselves should be of strong construction.  Consider replacing glass panels with laminated glass as glass panels are vulnerable (don't leave keys & valuables in sight).
  • Fit front and back doors with BS3621 or equivalent deadlocks (many insurance companies insist on this).  Use them and remove the key so a thief cannot open a door from the inside.
  • Fit all exterior doors (top and bottom) with bolts and fit French doors with mortice bolts (top and bottom).
  • Ensure uPVC doors are fitted with good quality locks and have a new chain fitted as they are difficult to add later.
  • Also consider fitting hinge bolts, a door viewer and a letterbox cage (never hang keys in the letterbox).
  • Remember - whatever you do, it must be possible to get out quickly in an emergency.
Door lock

Effective window security

Secure windows force a thief to break the glass and risk attracting attention. 

Secure the most vulnerable windows first: ground floor windows (this is often a minimum insurance company requirement), windows which are out of sight of the street and windows which can be reached from a flat roof or drainpipe etc.

Even small windows such as bathroom windows and skylights are at risk, as a thief can get through any gap larger than a human head.

Louvre windows are particularly vulnerable.  Consider gluing the slats in place with epoxy resin or, better still, replace them with fixed glass.
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Secure your patio doors

These should have special additional locks at the top and bottom, unless they are already fitted with a multipoint locking system.  Also worth considering is fitting an anti-lifting device so a thief cannot lift the door from its rails.
patio doors
Visible alarms

Get an alarm fitted

Visible alarms always make burglars think twice.  Your insurance company will usually require a system that conforms to either BS4737 or BS6707 (for DIY systems).

Gates & fences

A high wall or fence can put off a burglar; and a thorny hedge can also be an effective deterrent.  Consider fitting a gate to any side passages as this can prevent thieves from getting to the back of a property where they can work with less chance of being seen.
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Don't let them use your tools against you

Always make sure that sheds and garages are secure; and use a strong padlock if necessary.  A thief will often use your own tools to help them break in.  If there's an adjoining door to the house, a thief can work on the inner door in relative privacy.  Ensure ladders are either locked away or chained or padlocked to a sturdy bracket.  This can prevent a thief using them.

10 facts about crime:

  • 90% of crime is against property
  • Most burglars are opportunists: 20% of the time, they don't have to use force
  • A third of all burglaries are carried out through a back window
  • If a burglar can get their head through a window, they can get in!
  • Only 9% of stolen property is ever returned
  • Burglars don't like to break windows
  • Burglars will use unsecured tools from your garage or shed to break in
  • Deadlocking and removing keys stop a burglar carrying your possessions out through a door
  • Most insurers have minimum security requirements and offer discounts for well secured homes
  • The Home Office advises new homeowners to consider replacing keys
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